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Driver Improvement Classes

3 Reasons to Take Driver Improvement Classes When They're Not Mandated

Most people only think of taking driver improvement classes when the courts mandate it, but you can actually gain several things if you choose to take them. Driver improvement classes can provide the following:

1. Ticket Dismissal

Even if the court does not require you to, taking classes can lead to having tickets dismissed from court. This alone is worth it as each ticket you get adds points to your driving record and leads to higher insurance.

2. Discounts on Insurance

Insurance rates are based on several factors, one of the largest being your driving risk. Taking a driver improvement class makes you appear to be less risky to insure, so many insurance companies provide a 10 to 15 percent discount.

3. Reduction in Points

When you receive any tickets that are not dismissed, you face getting points- or demerits- on your license. Those points can add up to many things, including license suspension and higher insurance rates. By taking a driver improvement class every five years, you can remove up to seven points.


Improve your driving record and potentially lower your insurance premiums by booking one of our affordable driver improvement classes today!

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